Ticket(s) to Fundraiser

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Snow cones and donations

Ayva and Lexx's best friends Nia and Bishop were so sweet this summer!!! They had a snow cone stand on their block, selling snow cones for donations to Lexx!! Here's a picture of these two sweet kids!!!

Everything Ayva, All Profits to Lexx

Lexx's big sister Ayva, has opened up her own online store. Her store, called Everything Ayva, features everything for girls, from pettiskirts to bedding to toys. She worked her own table at Lexx's fundraiser, donating all of her profits to her little brother. All profits made until the end of December will also be donated to Lexx. She has hand picked all the items in her store, with the help of mom of course, and she has one of everything!! Here is a picture of her in her pettiskirt and her hat and mitts that she sells. Please visit her website at and check it out!! Remember, all profits up to the end of December are donated to Lexx.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Life for Lexx Cosmetics Bag and Lexx

Lexx has been doing great at home for the last month and we are loving it!! We don't get out much now, because of all the germs and flu bugs out there, but he's been healthy and happy!! Ayva has a little bit of cabin fever, but we are able to sneak out once in a while for some Ayva and mommy time, just hanging at the mall or going for snacks!! Lexx and Ayva were finally able to get their H1N1 shots. We were anticipating a long line up but we were prepared. We loaded up Lexx's ride (the motorhome) and off we went. We parked in the parking lot and Ayva and I went in to get our numbers while Lexx and Grandma Mah relaxed in the camper. We ended up having to wait 2 hours, but the time just flew by while we had lunch and watched a movie. We love Lexx's camper!!

Our latest fundraising idea is so useful. It's a cosmetics bag with A Life for Lexx logo on it. It's black and stylish, and is so roomy that you could use it as a purse. Please contact me if you would like to purchase one. They are $25.00 each plus $10.00 shipping.