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Monday, January 31, 2011

Time is sure flying

Wow, has the time gotten away from us. It has been so busy in our house hold the last couple of months. With the holiday season in December, Ringing in the new year in January, and of course Lexx's third birthday in January as well.

The Christmas season was wonderful. We spent a lot of time at home. Not only because of Christmas, but also to quarentine ourselves from the public. On Christmas Eve we took a walk down the street to Grandma and Grandpa Mah's house. There we were met with Aunties and Uncles and of course the presents. We had lunch and gathered around the tree so that we could open presents. Lexx and Ayva were spoiled as always. Ayva received a doll house that was taller then she was. And boy she was excited to get it home and set up. Daddy of course had to do this the very next day. Lexx received toys that were adapted to a switch. He received a penguin game, and an Elmo rocker. He loves to watch these toys play and so excited that he can control them himself. Whenever I want to pack them away he gets upset. And lastly, Ayva and Lexx got a new puppy. A new addition to the Howell Family. She is a French Bulldog that they have named Jilly-Bean, to go along with her "brother" Jack the pug. They were so excited when they opened the box. Ayva thought that it was a stuffy but realized that it wasn't when it started moving, and Lexx's eyes got bigger and bigger when we took her out of the box.

New Years was a blast. We had dinner at our house with family. Watched some of the countdowns that were on TV, and did a countdown just for the kids around 10. Since Lexx's bedtime is at that time, we wanted to do it early so that he would still be able to get his full treatment and ring in the new year with us. Lexx's aunt had invested in some confetti and brought it over. When we hit the "new year" we all let the confetti fly!!! Lexx's eyes lit up and he was smiling. Seeing all the confetti falling onto his face and all around him. He loved it. It made a huge mess, but seeing his big boy smiles was definately worth it.

Lexx's birthday was quiet but very enjoyable. Grandma and Grandpa Mah made dinner for the whole family. Autie Elizabeth and Aunti Jennifer got Lexx a birthday cake with candles of course. Lexx loves his candles. He can stare at them all day long. It was a wonderful day to say the least. We are so greatful that we were able to celebrate Lexx's third birthday. Another year close to finding a cure for SMA.

I will post some pictures once I get a chance to pull them off the camera.

Happy holidays and a wonderful new year to all of you!!!